how we celebrate

if you spend any time at all here, you may have noticed that we like to celebrate.  saint days, birthdays, full moons–holy days all.  but you shouldn’t get the idea that any of our times are really very complicated.  the smallest bit of attention pays off.  just knowing where we are in the Earth’s wide circle around the sun, knowing when the moon comes full, knowing if the church is celebrating a particular saint, each of these can open a door into a simple celebration.

maybe what we cook for dinner will be connected: Californian fish tacos for Cinco de Mayo (or St Andrew the Fisherman).  you’ve got to eat anyways.  maybe you can find some bit of reverence and wonder in the breaking of bread.

perhaps color or motion will be a way in…a candle on the table, a scarf around the shoulders, a playcloth on the doll house, music to dance by.

and almost always, a little something sweet.  apple crisp or blueberry scones or oatmeal cake.  some little bit of sweetness that points us toward what’s sweet in life.

here’s a list of what we did to celebrate Nico’s birthday last week.  may it lend a bit of inspiration to your upcoming celebrations!

  • waffles and bagels with strawberry cream cheese for breakfast
  • Go Dog Go, read many times
  • playmobil scattered over the table
  • new Busytown game played at 7:30 am
  • an invitation to help clean (with his own squirt bottle!)
  • ice cream “hidden inside the cake like Hugo hidden in the walls”
  • tuna sandwiches–no crusts, please


  1. it was reading about your family that made we want the game for my family!

    we still haven’t won…the pigs eat everything.

    glad you stopped by 🙂

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