box day!

if you read homeschool blogs (and i know you can’t get enough of those!), you might be familiar with the celebration of Box Day–the day the big box of next year’s curriculum arrives.  the children are excited; the books look so wonderful.  a happy afternoon is spent reading.

well, we stumbled upon our own version of Box Day.  simply forget to unpack one of the boxes of children’s books when you move (last October).  then when you can’t quite remember where else you’ve heard of a cat named Moses, start to look for the James Herriot book….which you won’t be able to find because it’s still in that unpacked box.  bring the box into the house; read “Moses the Kitten.”  then leave the box open–and still unpacked–on the floor.  the children will discover all sorts of wonderful books!

is this what they call strewing?

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