the first day of our new year

…didn’t go as i’d planned!

the new school supplies were purchased and on the breakfast table; the Circle Time readings were chosen.  books and toys edited and organized.  mama as ready as she would ever be….

but then the papa left for work a little later than normal, the children were utterly absorbed in coloring with fresh, sharp crayons, two wonderful packages arrived in the mail (one filled with school supplies from Nana, the other with these new videos!), the boy was practicing using the potty, we decided to eat lunch outside, the make believe games of Narnia stretched to fill the morning.  we took late naps.  and then it was dinner time.

absolutely no planned school work happened.  none that i had diligently planned.  and still our day was filled to overflowing with chances to learn and play and love and grow.  just right.

Jamie at Steady Mom was talking about scheduling challenges yesterday too!  provided a good dose of encouragement and advice.