oh leonard!

last spring, i participated in a focus group about our local congressman–i went to the mall, drank a soda pop, talked with other (middle aged!) women about politics, and collected my $100.  we spent the money on concert tickets.  and on Armistice Day, AP and i went to see Leonard Cohen.  what a treat!

over the past year or so, Open Culture has been collecting Leonard videos from here and there.

this is a link to the 1970 Isle of White concert…of interest because the lovely back-up singer–Leonard’s angel–on the left looks so much like my mom.

this is an interesting interview about democracy and freedom and the prophetic nature of poetry–with lots of recitations.  Open Culture calls it “not safe for work,” but it’s alright i think.

this is a story and a speech and shows so much of Leonard’s humility.

and finally, a film from 1965.  you get to see young Leonard in his underpants.  oh my!

and by the way, Old Ideas is an amazing prayer of an album.



  1. Ohhhhh, Leonard! I just love him. I think that was me in another life singing backup with Leonard. I look just like I looked when you were a baby. I will take my time and enjoy all the links.

  2. i have a beautiful picture of us–on our way home for the first time, i think–where you look luminous and very much like Joni Mitchell!

    i like that you are open to the possibility that it really might be you in the video!

  3. I re-read our comments tonight and thought how sweet our love is all these years later and I am thankful to be the mother of a daughter like you. I’ll say goodnight In L. Cohen’s words, “Sleep, baby, sleep / The day’s on the run / The wind in the trees / Is talking in tongues…” Sleep tight my lovely girl.

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