the War of the Roses…you know, for kids!

feb 13 001Nicolas playing the newly crowned Henry VII

yesterday we read the absolutely fascinating news that the bones of England’s dread King Richard III had been discovered in the corner of a parking lot in Leicester.  said news set off a great lunch time conversation about radiocarbon dating, burial practices, archaeology,  Shakespeare’s histories, kingly succession, and the War of the Roses.  these two were so excited to hear the name Plantagenet, as it’s a character’s name in our current read-aloud, The Doll’s House by Rumor Godden.  then after lunch, Richard and Henry went outside to play the Battle of Bosworth Field!

you might also enjoy this wonderful article from the Sunday Times about a group of students encountering Macbeth for the first time.  the author captures the aural quality of the encounter so well.


  1. Yes, I was all excited when I heard the Richard III news and thought of you and how it would fit into the learning of the day. Handsome young king, Nico.

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