may i direct your attention…

…to a few new features on the blog!

first up is the lovely slide show of photographs that plays near the top.  i was so sad after flickr broke my heart and went all busy and ugly.  we loved seeing our life float by in slideshows.  so now we get a taste of that here.  it’s also a bit of motivation to include more photographs in my posts.  they just look so darn cute over there in the sidebar!

next, is the little ad-free owl made by Keri Smith.  i was a faithful reader of her blog back in the days when she first drew it.  i couldn’t see what the big deal was with ads then…but they take up so much room on blogs these days.  i, of course, wasn’t making anything off of the ads that wordpress put on the site.  and really i don’t think they were making loads off of my (extensive!) audience.  so, now i’ve paid them a bit o’ cash to remove the ads and that’s that.

finally, if you keep scrolling, you’ll see the little twitter box.  it felt like i was always checking friends’ twitter pages (hi, Lori + April!) and it would be easier if i could do that from one spot.  also, i like little things.  my tweets are quote heavy; be prepared!

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