july 13 119

i thought i wasn’t going to make it to this space today.  and that was just fine.  it’s 300 posts, not 365, for days like this.  days when the rugs are dirty and the fridge is empty and the books overdue and the mama fighting off anxious thoughts and tight shoulders and breath coming short.

and then i unpacked the bag from this morning’s farm share.  and the arugula still had it’s fine white roots attached.  and i placed it on the busy table so that the others could see just how finely made our food is.  and then i decided the table looked as pretty as a picture.  so i took one.

clockwise from the top: zinnias (also from the farm share), african violets (because Julie grows them), a venus fly trap, the arugula, sweet peas from the empty lot where we picked wild blackberries, an avocado we are hoping will sprout with one of the zinnias that broke off.

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