rilla school

as i put Drawing Birds with Colored Pencils on hold at the library this morning, i realized that i haven’t talked about this habit that has formed this past year.  my two oldest children are the same ages as Melissa Wiley’s two youngest.  just as she was starting more focused work with her turning seven year old, we were beginning our first official year of homeschooling.  all through the year Melissa has shared books that her two (called Rilla and Huck on her blog) especially enjoyed.  mostly picture books, but also a fair number of art books.  Melissa even has a page called Rilla Books to keep track of the good stuff they read together.  and so we don’t homeschool here, we Rilla school!

all year we have peeked over their shoulders and i’ve put things on hold.  when someone asks how we found this exact book, often the answer is Rilla’s mama told us about it.  and then the child nods in recognition.  yes, Mrs. Thicklebit.  because you see they don’t just write books and homeschool six children and live in my hometown.  they also have their own comic strip!  our reluctant reader became oh-so-motivated whenever reading practice was a Thicklebit cartoon.

this morning Melissa was musing about her work with Rilla (mostly staying out of the way) and how much strewing the path with good things ala Sandra Dodd has become such a part of their family culture.  this one post has so many things to love–book recommendations, homeschool methodology, experience, and just plain loveliness.  your time at Bonny Glen won’t be wasted.