do you know Penelope Trunk?

i am a sucker for personality quizzes.  i always chose the longest line at the grocery store so that i would have time to do the Cosmo “Is He Still Into You” quiz.  even when there was no guy in my life.  especially when there was no guy!  and a few years ago, the lights were thrown on for me by a spiritual director who introduced me to the enneagram.  (i’m a 4 with a 5 wing; you?)

this morning i found a link to Penelope Trunk’s site via Modern Miss Darcy.  i poked around awhile….interested in the idea that some of us are more inclined to this home making life than others.  (i wonder if she’s written about myers briggs and homeschooling?)  i like being home, can always make my own fun, love books, am interested in good conversation and good coffee.  i feel like these traits have served me well as a feminist homeschooler.

so i did a bit of poking around on her site….started following her on Twitter (which is a wonderful way to get a quick glimpse into someone’s work i find).  but i wonder if any of you know of her or have related your personality type to your work with children?