september’s coming soon

this afternoon out in the hammock, i could hear the seasons changing.  Joseph noticed it too.  the leaves of the great chestnut and walnut trees are beginning to dry out.  when the wind rustles them, they sound papery instead of green.  the squirrels are busy with the nuts.  the ground is littered with the first fallen leaves and nut shells.

i purchased school supplies today…really just taking advantage of the sales; we usually buy our supplies as we need them.  but my basket was full of fresh crayons, new (square!) journals, and art supplies.  we have new chalk pastels, watercolors in tubes and iridescent watercolors in pans.

Susan has some lovely thoughts on the melding of life and school.  there’s a new Project-Based Homeschooling Master Class registering.  we just finished working through Cymbeline together in anticipation of Portland Actors Ensemble’s production.  this play has the flavor of Winter’s Tale about it…only without the bear!

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  1. back-to-school sales always give me a bit of a post-traumatic twitch ;o) but i do love picking up art supplies and paper on sale! 🙂

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