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dec 10 112

we count the weeks of Advent with our wreath, but we count the days with a Way of Light Wreath.  i almost never recommend buying things.  go to library!  make do with what you have!  but, dear Reader, i bought the wreath.  i love wares  made and sold by homeschool kids…and these homeschool kids also use profits from the sale of the wreath to sponsor children and projects through Compassion International.  all that said, this is a purchase that i am glad we made.  nothing compares with moving Mary and her faithful donkey closer to the center of the spiral each day, watching the changing shadows created by the candles.  Caleb’s good work creates such a sense of expectation and longing.  just what Advent is about!

the wreath also comes with an extension to mark 40 days of Lent (or even Easter to Ascension Day) though we have been less faithful to that practice.  there is a sense of exultant lightness that follows Mary on her way to give birth to her child, an energy and happiness familiar to any who have waited for a birth.

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  1. I really love the Advent spiral. I made one on paper last year with a star that worked its way to the center, but I do like the wooden ones so very much.

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