keeping advent from a state of rest

dec 10 055

in these days since Martinmas, the weather has changed here.  the winds coming over the West Hills blew the leaves off the horse chestnut.  i watched them fall, framed by the bedroom window, as i nursed the baby.  it’s wet, the wind howls, and evening comes so soon.

yesterday, thanks to a happy link from Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things, more people than ever before came to visit these pages.  but as i listened to the wind and rain in the night, that left me worried.  instead of offering lots of ideas and resources to create a rich Advent season, maybe someone would just see these posts as so much more to do.  that’s the last thing i want.  after all, Advent is a time for refreshment, for preparation, for rest.

Pam has created wonderful planning sheets to help get all your hopes for the season down on paper.  but what if there’s a new baby in the house or someone has been ill or this homeschooling year has been full of resistance or there’s little money or…is Advent not for you?  i think it might be more for you.  i think that’s why the church keeps these times of reflection and preparation.  because things are rough all over.

so, take it slow.  be gentle with yourself.  light a candle.  come into the quiet created by its light.  next week, i’ll write about just doing one thing and (not) planning.  for now, drink your tea and watch the rain with me.



  1. i think it’s going to be coffee in my cup this afternoon…the baby was up last night and the big boy was sick…

    thank you so for your kind words. they cheer me!

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