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so many new people have stopped by this space in the last few days, thought i’d re-post one of my favorites from years ago.

welcome!  i’m so glad we found each other and that you are here!  i’d love to chat in comments.

oct 09 004

a few months ago Ann at Holy Experience wrote about building a house of prayer, a house where even the moan of the woodfloors or the squeak door on its hinges could whisper a prayer.  yes, i too wanted the noise of my life to somehow become prayer.  and so i followed a few of Ann’s suggestions.  i put The Divine Hours on hold at the library.  i’ve prayed morning and evening prayer occasionally for years.  but having all of the appointed readings and psalms in one place lends an ease and grace to the prayers.  highly recommended.

i also made a place for a prayer.  a place set apart.  a place that might root me in the habits of prayer.  here’s what i included:

  • a plant–i knew i wanted something living, something green as we head into these dark days
  • candles–again, light for our darkness
  • icons of Mary–i needed someone who was also a mama
  • hand-embroidered cloth–beauty from Bangladesh, a gift to celebrate the birth of our son

lest you think it’s all goodness and light here in St Johns, here’s a picture with a wider view.

oct 09 005

yes, my place of prayer is just above the overdue library books and messy shoes.  and that’s rather on purpose.  prayer needs to happen in the middle of our lives, in the middle of our mess.  there’s no place else, really.  from psalm 23:

your goodness and your gracious love pursue me all my days.

your house, o Lord, shall be my home; your name my endless praise.


  1. Thank you – I especially love the zoom out. I get discouraged and distracted so often by the carefully cropped pictures on mom-blogs and I often give up on my blogging lest I communicate that I’m somehow holding it all together. Your call to prayer above chaos is reminiscent of the holy spirit above the water at creation – so real and so full of hope. Thank you for reposting this!

  2. perspective makes all the difference, no? glad you haven’t stopped blogging…the coloring sheets at your place are so lovely!

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