12 weeks in :: our curriculum

oct 13 107our children are quite young–first grade and pre-k.  so we take a fairly relaxed approach to our studies, following where interest and delight take us.  the baby takes a morning nap (most days!) and we use that time together to read aloud and do other focused work–we call it circle time and clipboard.  these are the resources we’ve been using and loving this fall.

  • The Story of the World: The Middle Ages.  we started with Volume 1 because you start at the beginning, right?  but our boy is so interested in knights and castles and such that it only made sense to spend our morning time together reading where he was interested.  we also use the activity book which is full of wonderful picture book recommendations, maps, and coloring sheets.
  • Language Lessons for Little Ones, volume 3.  we chose this level because it would be a way to easily review phonics rules and give gentle practice.  it’s working very well for us because the lessons are short and there are poems and art work spread throughout.
  • Miquon Math.  again, this is working very well because of the short lessons, the use of manipulatives, and creative problem solving.  we started slowly last year with the first book.  we are just about done with it, and looking forward to the second book of first grade.

during circle time we also sing together and work on scripture memory, color, read other seasonal storybooks, talk, watch videos, play with playmobil, eat snacks and drink tea.  then when the baby wakes up, we are ready for a walk to the library or grocery or just out + about.  what’s working at your place?


  1. I love reading what others do for their morning/circle time. I think my kids would vote that we, too, should include tea time as a part of it. We are also using Story of the World Vol 2. My boys love the activities and all that is knight related. And now I can safely say I know more about the process of becoming a knight than I ever thought I would.

    We, too, just hit the 12 week mark, and it feels like this week will be a good week to take a bit of a break, reflect, and look forward to the next 12.

    1. we’ll be switching things up a bit for Thanksgiving and Advent…

      congratulations on the new one coming. so glad that you have hit the 2nd trimester! peace keep you.

  2. I had a bit of trouble with SOTW 2. I didn’t like their take on the Reformation. I recall it saying something silly like Elizabeth let everyone practice their religion however they wanted and she never put anyone to death for their faith. Which was not true. After I peeked at that I sadly put the book away.
    I suppose I could have just skipped it, but I guess it worried me that the author would lie about that, maybe she would lie about other stuff too?
    I was sad because those books are really wonderfully put together and my kids would narrate like crazy for me after a reading!

      1. Oh I didn’t mean to imply anything other than I was so sad because it was so excellently done. It is one of my greatest pet peeves that so many great resources have something in it that really bums me out. You know?
        I’m sorry!! Totally did not mean to sound judgy. I have used these texts many times in the past. I was just truly bummed about that Reformation part. And it did worry me a bit. But most books no matter which side of the fence are looking at history through their own clouded glasses.

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