quiet advent resources

dec 12 031

in the last few days, a few wonderful resources have come my way, and i wanted to make sure *you* knew about them too!

  • this a a whole collection of on-line Ignatian retreats and reflects.  there is so much here.  just choose one!
  • three ways to keep the peace of the season from Lyanda at The Tangled Nest…quiet, greeting the dawn, good books +birds.  is it any wonder i love this woman?
  • like Lyanda, i’ll be reading A Child in Winter by Caryll Houselander.  it is a book that is deep and quiet; just a taste is enough to set my mind working all day.  it’s a worthy companion for these dark days.

i’ve got a different sort of quiet planned for this space during Advent.  for the most part–besides the occasional resources post like this one–i’ll be sharing quotes from the Houselander book and pictures from our days…and hopefully stopping by your place more often to say hello!

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