more gifts of the season

dec 13 108we were already on our way to the store when i thought that it would be nice to share some of the glitter pine cones with our Safeway friends.  i didn’t turn around.  instead, we got a bag of chocolate peppermints and handed them out around the store with a “Merry Christmas!”  we gave one to the bakery girl who always gives us cookies, one to Karen who stocks the dairy department, one to Michelle the checker.  there were hugs and smiles and just a little bit of joy.


Mabel and Nicolas returned from children’s church radiant!  to celebrate the coming Light of the world, they had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows!  Mabel proclaimed it, “the best fourth Sunday of Advent ever!”


as we exchanged the peace, a woman placed a gift bag on our pew.  i didn’t catch what she said, but there were pink things sticking out of the bag, so i thought it was for Mabel.  i smiled and said thanks.  then i looked at the card.  it had my name on it; this was a present for me!  inside the bag were soap and bath salts and even chocolates.  after church i said a more proper thank you, and she told me that she liked our kids so much, she thought she’d do something nice for me!  well now.


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