winter adventures

on the last day before AP headed back to work, we set out on an adventure.  although our plans didn’t quite go like we had planned, we had a wonderful time driving out East together, listening to music, talking, watching the river and trees and horses.  we ended up at Crown Point…which we learned was called Odin’s Crown by the Scandinavian immigrants that settled the area, which made our budding Vikings very happy!  we ate Tim’s potato chips, peppermint joe-joe’s and pb + j sandwiches in the car.  but all our adventuring made us want some pho as well!  we had a great time together at the restaurant, watching the fish and drinking jasmine tea and eating our noodles.



    1. oh i can’t wait to remind him of his Scots plaid! the last line of the Viking novel we are reading is, “Now we be Scots!”

  1. Sounds like a lovely day and the pictures are beautiful. I have not eaten pho, but I may need to seek it out and give it a try.

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