i hope you have a happy valentine’s day

IMG_1635it’s been quiet here so long!  and not for any real reason at all.  snow rather up-ended our days last week, but it was a welcome up-ending.  the longer i stay quiet, the harder it is to find reason or space to write here.  all that to say, hello again!  fancy meeting *you* here.

there has been much Valentine crafting here of late.  just when i had thought it might be time for more formal instruction, the 4 year old boy even decided to learn how to write his own greetings!  we used up an entire container of red glitter.  that’s a lot of glitter!  valentines for all our far away family, for our favorite librarian and letter carrier.  each member of the family has a paper bag mail box full of greetings too!

AP came home with a heart-shaped pizza for dinner tonight.  that boy’s got my number!  we’ve got pink cupcakes and Kool Aid play dough on the docket for tomorrow.  i hope your day dawns bright and full of love.



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  1. Oh what sweet greetings! So happy you kept busy making Valentine’s greetings while the snow continued to fall outside your window! A heart-shaped pizza! What a guy!

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