oct 13 074

this day started early.  Jojo was up sick at 4.  by 6 am we had ended up with a pile file of laundry and a stripped bed.  the three of us were tired and needed showers before the coffee even started brewing.  the baby needed lots of attention, and school got shoved aside.

still somehow, he finally went down for a nap.  and 11 o’clock found me sitting on the couch with the two older children, journals in hand. we each had our own work.  we were each asking questions and getting help.  it was the kind of interaction that homeschoolers dream of.

and it was utterly buried in the rest of a hard, tiring day.  but not lost.  it was quietly waiting for me to remember, waiting for me to rub the memory like a smooth piece of sea glass in my pocket.


  1. Though we dread it’s arrival, illness has a way of refocusing our energies. I had a feeling something was coming your way, oddly. I hope you will all be/stay well in the coming days!

    1. funny how insistent–and correct–those hunches can be even so far away! we’re doing better here….sleeping baby in arms.

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