beginning with lent

nature table by one deep drawer

even though it’s been cold and grey here the last few days, the year is turning. there are a few patches of crocus around the neighborhood, and the daffodil greens are beginning to emerge. next week we will celebrate Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. this is a wonderful season to think about clearing clutter–from our schedules, from our bookshelves + closets, from our hearts–and making room for the new things just waiting to be born.  here is our simple four-fold plan for lent, a compass to help order our days aright.

north :: we will be following the Jesus Tree readings and ornaments again this year.

south :: we will be fasting from meat on Fridays

east :: we will be lighting a candle and exploring the Examen together

west :: we will take to the hills and look for the touches of green that are popping up.

there is a fine collection of lenten links collected here, but my favorite is from way back in 2008–simple, daily ways to bring light and life.

Pam from Everyday Snapshots has made a clean, clear space for you to write down your plans.


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  1. Hi Kortney,
    No peaks of green here yet. They are still under 2 feet of piled up snow banks.
    Thank you for the Lenten update and ideas.
    My church only recognizes Lent in our bulletin to name the current week and does not provide anything for this season so I am going to read again this year A Place At The Table by Chris Seay.
    Have a beautiful day!

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