ants in the fridge!

IMG_1666even though Day Two’s project was cleaning out the fridge, this picture of the inside of my refrigerator is not for the month long challenge happening at Money Saving Mom!  and it’s not to show the baby getting into things…though he’s got the open container of half-n-half in hand.

it’s to record the time we had ants in our fridge!  right there between the buttermilk and the leftovers.  a thin foam container providing padding for a vial of 25 harvester ants.  we bought our ant habitat at a garage sale last summer after having such a wonderful time watching the butterflies.  you can order one here.  i ordered the ants at the end of January.  after waiting more than a month, i was afraid they would never arrive.  but they did!

the ants are not as involved of a project–we don’t get to see an entire lifecycle.  but we are enjoying watching them do their work.  Nicolas has even discovered observational drawing.  i heard him exclaim, “i can just sit here and look at the ants and draw them!”  smart boy.  even the baby likes to watch.