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still a-viking

even though our history book has sailed on toward Marco Polo and the East, the children are still going on Viking adventures.  thanks to a recommendation from Snowfall Academy, we discovered Viking Tales by Jennie Hall,  a book from the Ambleside book list.  our library doesn’t have a copy so we have been reading it together on the computer.  there is also a Librivox recording of it, but each chapter is read by a different person, and the quality is uneven.  even so there is something magical in these tales.  the language is full of bragging and hyperbole and wonderful imagery.  it’s funny and gripping.  there’s also much coloring, sailing for Greenland in the cardboard ship, and setting up camp once they make land….which really means bringing every bit of food from the play kitchen and bedding from the beds and making a big fort in the living room!


  1. Mabel told me her favorite part of the woman’s outfit was the brooch. Back in the day we called them sweater guards so I will be on the garage sale look out.

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