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poetry and prayer and essays not on friday

i’ve been on a bit of a Mary Karr kick of late…ever since AP told me that she’s who first recommended the wonderful prayer resource Pray As You Go.

i started with the poetry collection called Sinners Welcome.  this slim volume also contains the essay  from Poetry Magazine about her conversion to Catholicism.  in the essay she records a conversation she had with the poet Thomas Lux:

Back in Lux’s pool, i honestly couldn’t think of anything to be grateful for.  i told Lux something like i was glad i still had all my limbs.  that’s what i mean about how my mind didn’t take in all reality before i began to practice some regular devotions.

this idea–that our practices can change and shape and influence the way that we see–has taken hold of my imagination.  it figures large in what i am planning for Easter.  here’s a poem not quite about Easter.  it’s a facsimile from the Poetry Magazine archive, one more reason to make me love the internet.