a 50 days plan


by this time we are knee deep in the Easter Octave–the eight days of celebration encompassing Easter and the week following.  it’s high time i give you a sense of what i’ve got planned for these next few weeks!  each Sunday sabbath rest and Wednesdays with GWS will remain the same.  and on Flashback Friday i will re-post something beautiful + inspiring from the archives; i’ve got over 700 posts to choose from!

there will be a new series of simple saint day celebrations that fall throughout the season.  saint days are a perfect place to push pause in your schedule, to change the focus of your learning activities, to bring a spot of sunlight into the rainy Spring.  we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who reminded us that we can make our lives sublime.  introducing our children to their stories can be enlightening for all of us.

then sprinkled within this framework, i’ll be writing about the homemaking and homeschooling practices that are bringing peace to our days…because there’s nothing that says “Easter” like a good freezer meal!  really though these are things that are making a good, small difference for us.  and maybe they’ll work at your place too!

one of these practices is keeping a Garden of the Good Shepherd calendar.  this is the 4th year we’ve done this, and our stickers were getting a little worn.  so we decided to draw a playscape and use the printables that Charlotte at Waltzing Matilda made.  i also have plans to make some of the celebratory food each week from her Garden Party ideas, and i think this year the littles might like making the treats themselves.


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