the season of yes

april 11 106

i wanted to re-read the Ann article from five winters past.  was it really still what i wanted to link to?  did it really still inspire me or was it only the memory of her words that held magic?  …it keeps.  the post where she christened her new year as the year of yes still keeps!  the final image of that Hope girl with wellies and a braid down her back standing at the open door still calls to me.  go read!

i want to embrace this season with that same sense of expectation and welcome that comes with a new year and the new baby.  i want to open my arms, open my fists that seem clenched so often.  i want to quiet the fear, breathe deep, and live into the yes.

:: yes ::

one more story :: one more drawing :: time not looking at screens :: a walk :: the favorite dinner :: music at meals :: up from the table to dance :: more help :: more support :: more space for other people’s ideas :: yes to messes :: yes to mud :: yes to digging :: yes to puzzles, playmobil, all toys with tiny pieces :: yes to looking closely :: yes to cuddles, breastfeeding, and making room for one more :: conversation, companionship :: walks :: smiles :: play dough + paints ::



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