the good shepherd’s garden

this coming Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday, so i thought it would be a good time to update our work with the Garden of the Good Shepherd Calendar.  instead of putting a decoration on each day, we have been doing an entire week in one busy swoop.  this on/off rhythm is just right this year.

we have also dabbled in the feasts that Charlotte from Waltzing Matilda has prepared with her children.  our children love the idea of food that ties in with the images!  last week we made air-popped popcorn and helped all the wandering sheep come back safely into bowl.  and yesterday the kids spent most of the morning making sheep and shepherds, fires and sheepfolds from marshmallows and leftover Easter candy.

we have a fruit salad rainbow and a hotdog sea monster on tap for next week!  just one more simple, happy way we are extending the season.

p.s. the 50 Days of Easter page has been updated with all of the posts so far!


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