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homeschool happy :: beyond Morning Time

2517719238_2fb6ab8a7c_bMorning Time’s getting a lot of press these days.  and truth be told, it’s been a staple part of of our homeschool rhythm. we usually call it Circle Time because we came at the idea from Kendra at Preschoolers and Peace.  it’s a wonderful way to mark out time, to set a boundary, to make space for learning.  we usually light a candle, sing a song, practice our memory work, listen to our history read aloud and then move into more project work.

but lately it’s been feeling dry and forced.  the children have become more and more reluctant to participate in this liturgy of learning.  what’s a homeschool mama to do?  well, we quit doing Circle Time.  instead we just dive right into our read aloud.  the children are always ready for a story!  this simple shift has meant that for the most part we are approaching our learning time with joy and not with dread.

call it looking to the child instead of the philosophy.  or maybe moving with the ebb and flow of tidal homeschooling.  or prioritizing peace and relationships.  or bringing a bit of Easter to our homeschool.  letting go of Morning Time has been a very choice for us.


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