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summer is for art

IMG_1964more and more i’m seeing how our learning doesn’t stop and start according to a set calendar.  because AP was a teacher and so much of our lives was still determined by the academic Sept-June calendar, i used to assume that our homeschool would follow a similar schedule.  but Summer was too rich–good weather, trips out + about, summer reading, birthdays–for all this learning not to *count*.  but that’s not to say that our days look the same in Summer…

we’ve all been drawing thanks to ICAD.  one big change for me is that i am copying from books i like instead of manufacturing the content.  so good for getting to know my materials, so good for my practice.

Lori’s(free, magical)  journaling class starts on Sunday.  today is the last day to sign up.  do that, ok?  also, here’s a link to Lori’s how-to-teach reading advice. how is it i’ve never seen this before?!

i plan to hone my ninja journaling skills next week with Lori, and then spend the rest of the Summer working through the exercises in Marsha Johnson’s Main Lesson Book.  even got this stack of books to start us off!

i was thinking it would be a great time to dive into one of our Harmony Fine Arts mini-lessons!  we have/love/use/learn from all three.  Barb is a great resource; just look at all her boards!

i ran into Michael Nobbs of Sustainably Creative (just the blog title is a breath of fresh air to me!)this morning…lots to look at there…printed out the 75 Ways to Draw More zine for a Father’s Day gift.

and for your listening pleasure…Melissa Wiley the Amazing.  haven’t listened yet.  will be worth your time.  i promise.  really.


  1. I just read with interest your blog post and the one on PBH. I have no children, but I’ve always said if I did, I would definitely home school them, at least through their early years when children need added attention and oftentimes more help than any one instructor can provide.

    Your ICADs are fantastic and just go to show that it’s never too early, or be too young, to make art. Nice involved (and involving) activity.

    1. we’re having a blast making our Index Cards each day together : ) glad you stopped by!

  2. wow lots of good stuff in here. 🙂

    our routine always changes for summer but SO much learning — just a different flavor for a different season. 🙂

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