sept 09 055-MOTIONour tired, old computer was in desperate need of more memory. it was time for us to move all of our photographs off its hard drive.  amazingly, there were 8,000. oh my!  we have lots of pictures here on the blog, and for many years we actively used flickr.  we used google and an external hard drive to back up all the photographs.

google will “enhance” pictures for you automatically–brighten up here, add a smile there.  not too offensive…even if i wouldn’t really call them enhancements!  it also automatically makes some pictures “awesome.”  this means it makes panoramas and grids with similar pictures.  it also adds motion to sets of pictures taken close together.

which we have a lot of!  many pictures trying to get a baby to look like himself, many pictures of a child working.  and i have to admit, i think the jumpy little gifs that result are often pretty awesome.

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