IMG_2075on Saturday AP took the oldest and the youngest to the farmers’ market to pick up our CSA share.  that left Nicolas and me alone to finish up lunch prep (salmon cakes with smoked salmon from Nana and Papa Sam!).  then we headed out to the back yard.

we ended up sitting on the edge of the deck talking about numbers–specifically 40, that big number that i’ll be turning in a couple weeks.  we did a little math, but mostly we just talked in the shade of the great horse chestnut tree.  then we came inside, and he crushed all the graham crackers for our pie crust.  we finished melting the butter and pressing the crumbs into the pie plate.  about this time the others returned home and the house filled up with all the busy sounds of five people living together.

Nicolas is the middle child.  he is quiet and speaks deliberately.  he is content and ready for just about anything.  he also happens to be surrounded by children who are louder and more dramatic than he is!  this means that in our day to day life, his voice often gets drowned out.

it was just wonderful to spend time with Nico, one on one.  it’s something that Julie Bravewriter (as we call her at our house!)  recommends.  we’ve gone out to coffee together before, but this was so much richer because we were in our own comfortable space and had work to do in common.  i overheard him tell his sister how much he liked his mama-time!  when he was born, we called him Nicolas the Wonderworker.  i want to make sure there is space + time for this boy full of wonders.


  1. What a sweet description of your time with Nico. He is a special, loving boy with so much talent and insight that finds its way out in his own unique way and time. So glad to hear your had salmon cakes. And I made my own version of compote…plum and yum.

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