a little something for *you*

for the past few weeks i’ve been taking two wonderful classes–the Project Based Homeschooling Master Class and How Writers Write Poetry.  i’ve also been getting ready to turn 40.  i knew i wanted to make something to give away to friends to celebrate this birthday, but what?  well, how about a zine!  from the PBH class i heard about a neat website linking illustrators + writers called Storybird, and thanks to the poetry class i’ve been writing.Screenshot 2014-07-19 at 6.16.13 AMthe image above is just a preview.  i haven’t settled on the art work i want to use and i hope to keep adding poems.

i’d love to share a zine with you.  just send me an email (kortneymgarrison{at}gmail{dot}com) with your address or leave a comment on this post, and i’ll send you a neat little book of poems in a few weeks!


    1. yea!  i will happily send one to your peaceful neck of the woods 🙂  i was thinking about you…i’ve got a book about Waldorf painting + drawing waiting for me on hold at the library…


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