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a few weeks ago Lori at Project Based Homeschooling mentioned Storybird.  it’s a site that offers illustrations to go with *your* stories.  you can also use the pictures as prompts for your writing.  but i had poem drafts piling up, so i started plugging them in!  i was really taken by so many different images, loved seeing how the feel of a poem shifted depending on which image it was paired with.  my poem are usually small–short poems, short lines, fairly limited subject matter.  i loved pairing my small things with really epic, even mythic pictures.

imaginings by jamin still

there are three options at Storybird: poetry (one image with “magnetic poetry” tiles to move into a poem), a longform book (you write + write and add pictures where you want them), and the picture book (many pictures with a small space for text).  this is what i used.  i finally settled on wonderfully evocative art by Jamin Still.  i feel honored to get to use such fine work.  though the site is generally easy to use, it was difficult to see what the finished product was going to look like before printing the zines.  of course you don’t have to print anything.  you can look at + link to your stories for free on their site.  but for $2.99 you can have online access as well as pdfs in three sizes: 8×11, 3×5, and one so tiny it must be for fairies to read.  plus the artist get a bit from royalties!

i hope you + your children check this resource out.  i look forward to seeing what you make!  and if you’d like a copy of my poetry zine, just let me know in the comments!


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