homeschool :: two weeks in

IMG_2215still not quite up to full speed with our studies here.  life just keeps asking to be lived.  first we had a houseguest, so our learning year started a week later than i was planning.  but that week was filled with drawing + conversation + good food.  

in these last two weeks we’ve had long mornings at the park, bento-style lunch outside, oats + poems, a morning with our midwife friend picking green beans, tomatoes, and apples, another morning with our neighbor, Joseph.  he lost his wife three weeks ago, so his children got him a tiny kitty named Bella to keep him company.  we had a wonderful time playing with all two pounds of her!

we are right on track with our ABC Saints + Storybooks studies.  two favorites coming up for C Week: Barbara Cooney + St Columba!  we’ve got another full week with park days + game nights + movies together on the big screen.  and AP is squeezing in a few more house projects before the weather turns.  new gutters!  clean windows!  refreshed spaces!

even though we’re only doing a minimal amount of school, our time hasn’t been wasted in any sense.