homeschool happy :: margin


one of the most nourishing, happy-making practices i know is including a little bit of wiggle room in the schedule.  building in time + space–to catch up, be sick, spend at the park or with a dear friend–creates a sense of possibility + spaciousness in your homeschool.  there is breathing room.  space opens to draw + sing + linger + bake…all the things that mark our life at home learning together as something different.  we aren’t machines that never get tired.  we aren’t only, always focused on achievement + getting ahead.  sometimes homeschooling flows best when you’re at home, when you’re at rest.

this is where the intuitive part of “intuitive homeschooling” comes into play.  seeing just where to ease up and where to push ahead.  sensing when a child needs a firm response and when a funny one might be more appropriate.  watching for signs of boredom, frustration, or upset–in you or your child–and knowing what might help.

as we begin to use the bits of quiet, we can get better at following the steps in this lovely dance.



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