(singing) practice


we’ve been thinking about the the ways writing + drawing can shape our days.  but what about song?  music can powerfully change the the feel of our homeschools–brightening or quieting as needed.  when is the last time you sang with your children?  is it something that comes naturally or is it something that you leave to experts?

i think i fall somewhere in the middle.  i have no formal training, but a girlhood spent at hymn sings + camp meetings firmly planted a desire to sing inside me!  Andy often plays guitar for us, and i sing hymns with the children at bedtime.  we also learn seasonal hymns–“We Gather Together” at Thanksgiving, carols at Christmas.  i gathered together some of our favorite hymns into a booklet you can print called Family Hymns.  it comes with Gertrud Mueller Nelson illustrations, so even the youngest child can find + request their favorites!

The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own Music by W.A. Mathieu helped open the world of music to me.  it tuned my ear to hear the everyday music around us.  in the back of the book there are approachable practices that can add depth to your music practice.

we also have a handful of tin whistles around for people to pick up and work with.  they are a perfect beginning instrument–simple, inexpensive, but true instruments none the less.  there’s even a Jesuit to teach you how to play!  i’d love to hear how you make your life sing…


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