Poetry Friday :: on Christina Rossetti’s Birthday

Today is the birthday of the English poetess Christina Rossetti.  Of all the poets we have met in our poetry-centered homeschool, her poems have caught the imaginations of my children. Listen here to her words set to music by Gustav Holst:

Besides the loveliness of the candlelit faces, listening to the poem as a carol underscores the music of the poem.  Often I dismiss poems in the ballad form, poems with end rhyme.  And yet, there is something magical about poems that lean toward song.


Today is also St Nicholas Eve.  Don’t forget to set out your shoes filled with carrots for the saint’s donkey!  Last night found me cutting + gluing the beautiful St Nicholas Coins that Jessica at Shower of Roses created.  More poetry goodness at the Poetry Friday link below…including haiku written by the saint himself!

poetry friday on a saturday


  1. That is a song I only became familiar with when I moved to the UK. Now we sing it at church every year and my daughters have learned how to play it on the piano. It’s so, so beautiful.

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