The Festival of Carols on the Golden Nights

This morning dawned bright, clear, and WARM!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Tomorrow is set to be even warmer.  Perfect weather for raking up the last of the leaves, cleaning out gutters, and getting the outside of the house ready for the rest of Winter.


Today AP of my heart took the big kids downtown to the art supply store.  They didn’t have any big lists, they went to look around, see what’s there, soak up a little Downtown culture at Christmas time.  That left Joseph with me!

We promptly turned on the radio and started wrapping presents.  Our local classical station broadcasts on the internet, so *you* could be listening along with us!  Through Christmas they are playing a Festival of Carols.  It’s lovely music to accompany your present wrapping or hot chocolate next to the tree.  On Christmas Eve they’ll play Lessons + Carols live (live!) from Cambridge.  It plays at 7 am here on the West Coast.  It’s a singular treat.

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