More Drawing Resources

A few years ago I wrote about my favorite resources for illustrated journals.  I really can’t believe that post is 3 years old!  It’s more than time for an update.  Especially considering my fellow in-house arts have grown and learned so much!


I recently mentioned Syllabus by Lynda Barry.  I had been reading a library copy, but my sweetie came home from a movie downtown with an anniversary present.  He got me my very own copy.  The children immediately took it to the table and started drawing.  I wouldn’t say that this is primarily a drawing book.  It’s really a book about how learning happens, what conditions make learning possible.  It’s quickly becoming an essential homeschooling text.  Lynda Barry keeps a tumblr account where she posts class projects and prompts.  Inspiration!

Melissa also recently mentioned the Illustration School series by Sachiko Umoto.  Well, she didn’t actually mention it.  She just posted a picture of the books.  It doesn’t take much!  We have one book, and the others are waiting at the library.  They are delightful.  These characters are quickly becoming players in comics in everyone’s sketchbooks!  Highly recommended.  (By the way, Lissa–I really think you’d like Cathy Johnson’s work.  She does the sort of place-based nature journaling I’ve seen glimpses of in your journals.)


I also am realizing that I haven’t done much project based homeschool journaling around our drawing.  Maybe because it’s become such a natural part of our days, or maybe because at the beginning it seemed like a foundational habit for pbh itself.  I want to start keeping track of where we are and what catches our eye.  We are each on our own learning path, and I know we would be well served if I took note of the roads we are walking.

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