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Why Do You Use the Internet?

Jay Baer–some marketing big wig–says that the two reasons people use the internet are to find a solution to a problem or to be entertained.  And while I certainly do ask Mr Google all sorts of questions multiple times a day, that’s really the least of what I’m doing here.  I want connection, conversation, exposure to new ideas.  And that’s so much more than entertainment or problem-solving.  I found just this sort of engagement on Twitter last night.

Winter Geraniums

Lori from Project Based Homeschooling shared an article from the Ikea blog (who knew?) called “Create Wellbeing the Danish Way.”  The article made me want that same sort of atmosphere, that same wellbeing for our homeschool.

It’s a way of being that’s open-hearted and unselfconscious. It’s about ease and flow.

Wow!  Could those words describe our homeschool?  I know that I often let the pull of life–the whiny toddler, the meal planning, the math pages–make me anything but open-hearted.  I want to make a space for beauty and a time for peace.

This is when the internet magic started happening.  After I read the article, I asked Lori about it.  Then we exchanged a few thoughtful, rich tweets!  This is why I’m on the internet, Marketing Guy.

And in related news, Hell has frozen over; I’ve opened up a page on The Book of Faces.  Come say hello!


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