Lent Is For Art

Lent is a time when we tend to be a bit quieter, a bit more reflective.  It’s a time when we might step away from the busyness of our days. Art can be a welcome addition to such reflection.  Here is a collection of resources to help you welcome an artful Spring.

  • Make space for a museum or gallery visit.  We went to see the St John’s Bible, an illuminated manuscript produced in this century.  But even if you don’t go see religious art, the quiet, open spaces of a museum can help shift our focus.
  • Bring formal artist study home.  We are using The Giotto Portfolio created by Simply Charlotte Mason.  It includes an artist biography for reading aloud, book recommendations for further reading, and prints to study.  There are quite a few frescos included that work well with the season.
  • Get it down.  I’m drawing everyday as part of my Lenten practice.  But even if you don’t do it everyday, you can make space to draw with your children.  Maybe some contemplative coloring while someone reads aloud?
  • Earlier this week Melissa Wiley published a wonderful collection of ideas + resources (and even some looks at her own lovely sketchbooks!) called 10 Ways to Cultivate a Family Art Habit. This sort of post could take you a year (or more!) to really work through.  Here are a few highlights:
  • Watch videos of Cathy Johnson.  She’s written many books, offers lots of online classes, and also has technique videos on YouTube.
  • Look at the Illustration School series by Sachiko Umoto.  These are the books I’m drawing from during Lent!
  • Read Syllabus by Lynda Barry.  Lori originally recommended this book.  It’s a great drawing/process book.  But it’s also a great book about teaching + learning.


  1. Kortney, I so enjoy your posts! I find them to be very calming and informative and warm with Christ’s teachings.
    My daughter is homeschooling her 4 yr. old daughter and I’ll pass today’s post on to her.
    Thanks for today’s info! Blessings!

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