(Easy) Liturgical Teas

We had an impromptu tea party this morning.  We’d made a pie for Pi + Prejudice Day.  But that treat was for dinner.  So I opened up a box of Jiffy Blueberry muffins + put the kettle on.  By the time we’d cleaned up all the dishes from our baking, the muffins were done.  I loaded the tea tray + headed to the table.


I gathered up our St Patrick story books, poured the tea, and started to read.  There were crumbs + spilled tea.  But there was also fun + wonder + blessed time around the table.

On Pinterest I came across a year’s worth of plans that Sarah created.  But even with no plan at all, we had a fine time.  We’re learning to make room for the things that nourish us.


  1. What a wonderful impromptu tea party. I expected Alice and the white rabbit to come hopping out of the kitchen. I love Joe’s reflection.

  2. Such fun! We love our tea time too, although it is rarely actually ‘tea’. A lot of times this winter it was hot chocolate instead.

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