A Gluebook Party

Tonight at 5 o’clock our time, Christine Hiester will be hosting a gluebook party.  What’s a glubook party?  Glad you asked!


Actually, I’m not really sure!  This will be my first one.  But I think it’s a collection of prompts and encouragement sent via Instagram…then people snap pictures of their work in progress.  And a gluebook?  It’s just another word for a collage.  My mama used to make the most creative, lovely envelopes out of bits + scraps.  Wish I had one for inspiration!

I think you can just search for #junegluebookparty on Instagram to find the posts.  i joined Instagram yesterday with AP’s new phone.  Kind of crazy what $30 will buy you at Safeway these days.  Christine has written a short book about glubooking that she’ll send you when you subscribe to her newsletter.  She’s also written A Year of Art Journaling.  Highly recommended, already inspiring. The book made me think of Melissa Wiley’s coffee shop girls.  It would be wonderful to meet together, explore a process or medium, then use it during the week, and return to share what we’d made.

See you tonight!



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