A Handmade Planning Journal

Another peek at my planning journal.  It’s a reclaimed composition book a la Lynda Barry and Sherry at Large Family Mothering.  I started the year with a “large” Moleskine, but my days got too big and full for that size + format.  As it is, I’m blowing through the comp book + will need a new one by September if not before!  The book is not ideal for me.  I don’t like the thin paper or the ruled lines.

How I make it work

But I love all the space.  Plenty of room for some gluebooking pages like the ones in the picture.  This is a work-in-progress picture; the page evolved a bit from here.  And though it’s messy and a bit chaotic, I find myself coming back to look at it! I’m already sort of worried about the schedule for the next party–it’s on July 4th.  Will I have to wait until August for such a fun evening?

There’s room in the composition book for all my messy brainstorming + list making–things I wouldn’t want in a prettier journal.  And having everything in one place has been nice as well.

  • I numbered the pages and have an index page like a bullet journal.
  • And I make a monthly 2 page calendar spread using Sherry’s super helpful measurements!
  • I use the excellent + beautiful washi tape hack from Mommycoddle to mark the calendars + homeschool planning pages.
  • I also have glued in pages from Stargardener’s planning packs.  I’ve got the 2015 set and the June mandala set.  The neat grid in the picture is from the 2015 pack.

And if you hoard school supplies like me, you may just have a comp book waiting for you to fill it’s pages!



  1. ha! Love your excitement about all this. It’s all so addicting!! And yes, the next gluebook party is in August. The 8th since I’ll be out of town the 1st. Sorry it’s so far away!

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