Ignatius–One Day Late

St IgnatiusI was so busy celebrating the blue thunder moon, I forgot that July 31st is the Feast of St Ignatius, a travesty when Francis is pope! Thankfully, Pray-As-You-Go saved my pagan bacon with a reflection from Deuteronomy 30 on the nearness of God.

God is in our mouths and in our hearts.

Such a bodily image.  One that for me calls to mind Dame Julian of Norwich writing about Christ as our mother.  “A mother can give her child milk to suck, but our precious mother, Jesus, can feed us with himself. He does so most courteously and most tenderly, with the Blessed Sacrament, which is the precious food of true life.”

In the Pray-As-You-Go reflection there is also mention of a morning offering, a discipline that I’ve been wanting to incorporate into my devotions:

Grant Lord, that all my intentions, actions, and operations be directed purely to your praise and service.

5aec08cf-efed-40fe-ba2b-1ea2ad805820I am feeling the pull to establish a few easy practices that connect me to the Spirit and to my creative work.  Easy is the key word.  I need something to put my hand to each day, a way to ground myself.  So I’m beginning this new month with some intentions.  I’m not sure how they’ll play out, but I’ve got my eye on

And  before I head outside with the littles to do some cleanup before it gets too hot, Sam Phillips singing “One Day Late.”


  1. saved your pagan bacon, huh? Now that is pretty funny…or were you just hamming it up? oink – nana

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