Loving What Must Be Done: The Simplified Organization eCourse

jan-10-036I’ve recently started working through Mystie Winckler’s wonderful Simplified Organization Online Course.  I’m a little torn.  There’s a part of me that wants to work through the whole course (and get my life magnificently organized!) before I start to write about it. But it’s probably a bit more realistic to start already and celebrate my small win.

In the second module, Mystie talks about clearing our space to neutral–getting the kitchen cleaned up the night before so that it’s ready for the next day’s meals or cleaning the table off so that homeschooling can happen.  And I’ve got to tell you, I love setting myself up for success like this.  It feels like a little surprise I’m leaving for my future self!  I’m going to be so happy in the morning if the counters are wiped down…even though it’s hard to follow through with the work at the end of the day when I’d like to go to bed.

And what I’m realizing is that for me it’s not clearing to neutral.  It’s way more positive than neutral!  It’s almost like a creating a provocation from Reggio or the Charlotte Mason maxim about atmosphere as education or the unschooling practice of strewing.  I clear the counters as an invitation to myself to create the next meal, the next masterpiece.


  1. Kortney, I love how you’ve shifted your perspective on this and taken it an extra step!

    You’re right: it isn’t neutral, it is a beautiful setting we can provide for ourselves and for our families. A blank canvas we’re prepping for future creations.

    I love it!

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