Wednesday (with Words)


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Morning pages are a gentle mentor.  They help us make small course corrections rather than dramatic pronouncements.  Because they are done one day at a time, they encourage us to live one day at a time.  It is a rare day in which a tiny forward steps cannot be taken.  It is the job of Morning Pages to notice and encourage such small steps.–Julia Cameron in Finding Water: The Art of Perseverance

Not sure I’m going to commit to Morning Pages just now, but…

  • I was inspired to read Cameron again after Theresa at Right Brian Planner started quoting her extensively.
  • No one celebrates Small Wins like Lori at Project Based Homeschooling.
  • I’m all about the small course corrections

Linking up with Dawn at ladydusk for Wednesdays with Words.


  1. Can you define morning pages? I think that would help me understand better.

    I do like the idea of small corrections rather than wild trying.

  2. Morning pages is a term that Julia Cameron coined to describe the practice of writing (usually 3 pages in longhand) every morning before your brain really has the chance to get in the way. It’s not free writing really, but just whatever pops into your head. The idea is to get it out of your head and onto the page so that you can get on with your work. It’s like meditation, but with writing.

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