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(Not) Celebrating Roald Dahl’s Birthday

James-and-the-Giant-PeachSunday was Roald Dahl’s birthday, and that means Julie Brave Writer has a present for you!  Now don’t get me wrong; I’m no celebrator of Roald Dahl.  You can keep your friendly giants and fantastic foxes thank you very much.  But this giveaway is too sweet to miss.

Julie always offers the Arrow Guide to James and the Giant Peach as a free sample so you can see what the Arrow has to offer.  In The Arrow Guides, she pairs great books with copywork/dictation passages and simple grammar lessons.  These guides are light years away from study guides or comprehension questions.  Julie uses the books that you’ve already enjoyed together, and then teaches you how to use passages from the novels to teach literary elements.  Read-alouds paired with teacher development–brilliant!

And now through September 15th, for the esteemed author’s birthday, you can also download for FREE  The Arrow Guidelines that explain how practices like French dictation and reverse dictation really work.  It’s a real gem that can give you a taste of the Brave Writer philosophy.

Julie has also started popping in three times a week on Periscope.  Her presence, her vision, her wisdom, her humor are absolutely life-giving for me.  She’s ostensibly giving writing advice, but really these are mini master classes in Living with Grace.  She is planning on broadcasting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through the end of September at 1 pm Pacific.  I haven’t caught her live yet.  It will take some naptime finagling, but I’m going to try to be in the comment box this week giving my slate blue hearts like mad!  So go download the Arrow Guide and the Periscope app, and I’ll see you this afternoon on the @BraveWriter Periscope.