Resting on the Sabbath

Homeschooling and Working from HomeOne natural rhythm that I am exploring is remembering the Sabbath.  For so long the idea of a day without work has seemed both attractive and impossible at the same time.  So much of my work has to go on no matter the day.  People need food to eat and clothes to wear.  And Lego always need picking up!

But recently (last week!) I took a technology sabbath–a day off from the computer.  Because my paid work is tied to the computer, not signing on feels very free.  Last Sunday had an expansive, open, restorative feel.  This week I’m trying Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown with candles at dinner to welcome the new week with a touch of celebration.  Here are a few excellent resources that have shed light on this new path:

  • Sabbath Keeping: Finding Freedom in the Rhythms of Rest by Lynne Baab.  I have read many, many book on the Sabbath.  This is the most helpful by far.
  • Sunday Dinner Paradigm Shift from Bearing Blog.  This is brilliant.  One of the best ideas I’ve read in a long time!  She is so right–leftovers feel not special enough and cooking is too much work.  Her elegant solution turned on lights for me!
  • Sabbath Mood Homeschool–just a great blog generally…with such an evocative title!  Here’s an excellent series on planning though to get you started.

Homeschooling and Working from Home with Ease


  1. The idea of keeping the sabbath has been something I’ve thought a lot about too, both in the past and more recently. This post got me thinking about it again most recently:

    I’ve always wondered, how do I make it restful and special without legalistic? Turning off technology is something I try to do too, so I don’t get sucked into the internet. And as for dinner, we do breakfast for dinner Sunday night because it is thoughtless, easy, and everyone likes it. Think pancakes, scrabbled eggs, and such.

    1. Glad that you’re thinking about Sabbath too, Danielle. I’ve done lots more thinking and reading than practicing. Wow! The pictures in the post you linked too–stunning. Nothing we do is that formal, but I love the look.

      And I love the idea of breakfast for dinner each Sunday night…that would be a hit around here for certain.

      One thing that might help as you think about legalism–maybe just *try* the practices for a few months. Maybe the outside time limit would make it feel less like an obligation forever and ever. Maybe having a built in time to evaluate how things are working will make it more life-giving.

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