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An Early Christmas Present

2094541324_75dc553fc4On Sunday I sat down on the couch next to Andy and just breathed a sigh of relief.  We made it to Advent!  The big push to get things prepared was done, and now it was time to start living the season.  I’ve walked this path enough years to really be filled with expectation.

The practices of Advent–the carols, the Jesse Tree, the story books–really do their work.  They really get me ready for Christmas and that new one waiting to be born.  By carving out this time and making an extended retreat here at home, we are nourished and transformed.

To mark the beginning of the season, here’s a little treat.  Advent just started, and it’s already time for gifts!  Debuting today on the Read-Aloud Revival is an interview with Elizabeth Foss all about Advent.

So many of our practices come from Elizabeth’s inspiration: peppermint marshmallows, a book every day, our love of Tomie dePaola.  It’s a real treat to hear her talk.  We make a listening guide for every episode of the podcast that is available to members, but Sarah thought these were too good to keep to ourselves!  You can print out the Cheat Sheet right here.

But the real present for me comes at the very end!  Sarah has a feature called Let the Kids Speak where kids can record themselves talking about their favorite read-aloud.  Our three are featured at the very end of this episode.  Happy tears!

Go record your kids already!  It‘s easy and fun and such a treat to hear!

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