Out of My Comfort Zone

So, one part of my job that I really like is working in chat rooms during live events.  I usually go to a cafe, order a fancy drink, plug in my headphones, and settle down to work.  But really, that work is just listening along, adding links to things that the speaker might have already written on the subject, answering tech questions (the answer is always, Refresh your screen!), and commenting along with the rest of the listeners.


On Sunday we hosted John Erickson of Hank the Cowdog fame, and I was really looking forward to a few hours of work in a cafe…which always makes me feel like a grown-up working lady!  And then Sarah emailed that she had lost her voice and would I mind interviewing Mr. Erickson.

Well, that wasn’t something I was expecting!  I spent the morning doing a little research, finding something clean to wear, and trying to settle my stomach ache from nerves.

The interview actually went really well.  Mr. Erickson is from Texas, so as soon as he opened his mouth, his accent just about made me cry.  He sounded like home.  He was also funny and wise and made me want to listen all afternoon.  But it turns out, I move my hands a lot when I talk and I laugh really loud.

You can listen to a snippet right here and there’s even a giftcard giveaway!

Oh, and Mr. Erickson has started writing for World magazine…starting tomorrow they’ll be posting a brand new Hank story as a serial.  Just in time for Christmas!


  1. How fun!! I don’t think I knew you were from Texas. It’s always home, no matter how far we roam. I remember the first time I flew back after we moved to Pennsylvania. The pilot for some reason announced that we had entered Texas airspace and I totally cried! What part of Texas are you from?

    1. I’m not *technically* from Texas, but my people are. And it’s just like you said, his accent produced a physical response from me!

  2. That would be out of my comfort zone too! Judging from the snippet posted, you did a fantastic job! So fun to watch. We’ve been listening to Hank the Cowdog books from the library, so the children very much enjoyed seeing the author and you!

    1. Oh, you have been listening to Hank too! Those library CDs are well-loved (and sometimes scratched!). I forgot to mention the serial Hank story that’s coming out for Christmas. The link’s at the bottom of the post now. 🙂

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